Health and environmental protection - further ZTR products certified

New EU and international certificates prove that the fittings and connectors from the ZTR RV 202 and RV 152 series are harmless to health and the environment. They can therefore also be used in the food industry and for drinking water treatment.

For example, the REACH Compliant certificate and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU confirmed that the PVDF, nylon 6-6 and polyprohylene fittings are free from PAHs and other chemicals of concern, and strict attention is paid to the levels of harmful and hazardous substances in the products. Thus, these fittings are quite suitable in drinking water production. In addition, these products comply with the American National Standards "Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects", which is so important for the American market, and the Food Contact specifications FDA 21 CFR in the USA and the EU.

With the WRAS certificate, the British water industry certifies that the Dual Tech Valves  meet the requirements for non-metallic materials in contact with drinking water and mechanical performance. They are therefore also ideally suited for use in households.

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