Metal connector


The 101 series connectors are made entirely of metal and have a patented retention system.

All metal connectors are available within a few days and can be ordered by phone or in our online store.


  • Holding and releasing mechanism are separated from each other
  • Robust collet turned from solid (no toothed disc!)
  • Longer lever between holding system and hose outlet (hose bending moments)
  • Due to other seals, these fittings can also be used at temperatures far above 200°C (no melting or embrittlement, as with plastic connectors)
  • High hose tolerances can be processed

Technical data

  • Material body, thread: metal nickel plated
  • Seal NBR oil resistant (other materials, e.g. Viton, silicone etc. on request)
  • Operating pressure 16 bar (also for vacuum)
  • Operating temperature -10° to +80°C (others on request)
  • Hose tolerances: +/- 0.1mm

ZTR product catalog

„Metal connector“

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