Antistatic conveying hose


The antistatic conveying hose is used e.g. for granulate conveying. Especially for abrasive, glass fiber reinforced plastics. Transport hose also for problematic goods such as sand, gravel and grain. Also as working hose for silo vehicles and loading plants, for pneumatic conveying of plaster, from silo to plastering machine.

All antistatic granulate transport hoses are available within a few days and can be ordered by phone or in our online store.


  • soft PVC hose with hard PVC spiral. Inner core made of 0.8mm thick PU. Additional 9-strand copper braid, PU coated.
  • extremely abrasion resistant
  • good flexibility
  • vacuum resistant
  • good resistance to chemical products, oil, gasoline, UV and ozone
  • discharge of electrostatic charge according to ZH1/200 with grounding of the surrounding copper stranded wire
  • Color: crystal transparent, dark gray spiral, copper stranded wire
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +90°C

Installation instructions for the antistatic granulate transport hose

Overpressing results in an increase in length, underpressing in a decrease in length. This must be taken into account during assembly.

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„Antistatic conveying hose“

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