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Mounting work

of assemblies and hose assemblies

The harnessing of hoses and the assembly of subassemblies are time-consuming tasks that tie up personnel and delay the production process. We are therefore happy to offer our customers to carry out this work before delivery. If desired, our experienced team can split the ordered hoses according to your specifications, fit them with connectors if necessary, and pack them in counted quantities.

Our employees will also be happy to carry out the pre-assembly or complete assembly of assemblies or subassemblies on the basis of your parts lists and assembly processes.

Further information on assembly work of subassemblies, hose assembly and delivery times as well as costs are available on request.

Info sheet assembly work

Here you can download the "Info sheet assembly work" as PDF. If you have any questions about our products or would like to receive the catalog by mail, please contact us.