The Rv100 series includes pneumatic connectors in various designs. Different materials like brass (nickel plated), plastic and stainless steel are used. Connectors from ZTR are suitable for all applications in pneumatics and are available for pressure ranges from vacuum to 150 bar.

All connector products are available within a few days and can be ordered by phone or in our online store.

Connectors for special solutions in pneumatics

Among other things, ZTR offers a patented retaining system for the hose in the series of metal connectors, plastic connectors and connectors with modular system, which offers very special advantages. For example, in this connector the holding and release mechanism are separated from each other and there is a longer lever between the holding system and the hose outlet.

New connectors from ZTR

Completely new, unprecedented figures are available in the Easy connector series with O-ring chambering. The pneumatic connectors with large nominal diameter are made of plastic and stainless steel (retaining system), have food approval and can connect pipes up to 28mm outer diameter.